Saturday, February 4, 2012

Organizing User Manuals

I needed to figure out what to do with all of the user manuals and warranties I have collected over the years. I keep almost all of the user manuals we get and I do go through them often and get rid of the ones we no longer need. I like to keep them all together in one place so they have always been in a plastic bin in my hall closet and it was always difficult to find a manual when we needed it. 

I am a very organized person so it still surprises me that it took so long to put together a system to keep them organized.  I've seen an idea on Pinterest where you can put them all in a binder, but my binder would literally be 5-inches thick.  I needed to think bigger. 

So, I bought this (at Target for $9.99): 

It has a handle and is easy to tote around. I love that the top compartment can hold the spare parts to my small appliances:

I created categories for the user manuals I have the most of (others went into Misc):

Voila! They are all organized, together, and easy to find. I seriously can't believe it took so long.

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