Monday, January 30, 2012

Wine Cork Board

When I saw a wine cork board at my friends house I just had to have one. I asked her where I could purchase one and she told me that she made it and showed me how easy it was to do. Ever since, I have been collecting corks so that I could have one of my very own. I ordered the Wine Cork Board Kit from Wine Enthusiast and have been saving corks and asking for even more corks from anyone that would share them with me. 

This is the kit from Wine Enthusiast (it comes with the frame, glue, and hardware to hang it): 

My bowl of corks (I needed approximately 150 for this project):

Instructions come with the kit and it's really easy to make. You may have to cut some of the corks to fit correctly. Here is the finished product:

Didn't it turn out great? I love it!

I even have enough corks to make Wine Cork Coasters and Wine Cork Herb Markers (click for more information). There are so many fun ideas for re-using corks on Pinterest, too. Just do a search for "Wine Corks." Cheers!

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