Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apple Butter Pork Chops (A Husband Favorite)

Last night I made super delicious Vegetable Enchiladas, remember? Well, I forgot to mention that my meat-and-potatoes, extremely picky husband wouldn't touch the enchiladas with a 10-foot pole. For one, he doesn't like anything with the word "vegetable/vegetarian" in it and he isn't a huge fan of Mexican food. How did the two of us end up together? I love Mexican food. It must be the "opposites attract" thing. 

So tonight I made it up to him by making something he loves and that I am not a huge fan of - pork chops. I found a recipe for Apple Butter Pork Chops from a website called Our Best Bites. Our neighbor gave us a homemade bottle of apple butter for Christmas so I was excited to try out this recipe. 

Photograph from Our Best Bites

The verdict is in and my food critic of a husband LOVED them. They are sweet and savory and covered in caramelized onions. He ate two large pork chops with steamed red potatoes. I will definitely make them again for him.

You can find the recipe, here. I cut the recipe in half but still added all the apple butter it called for - I think the more the better. Also, I cooked the pork chops in a dutch oven instead of a skillet.


The Bayly's said...

My whole family LOVES Our Best Bites, we've gotten a lot of really tasty recipes from there. One of my favorites is the creamy chicken taquitos!

Michele said...

Kerri, I have the recipe for taquitos already pinned! I can't wait to try it. It sounds so good!