Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

It is the first of December and the holiday season has already begun. It's time to start, if you haven't already, planning gift ideas for co-workers, neighbors, friends, as well as everyone else on your Christmas list. I thought I would get started early this year and so far I have put together two small gift ideas that both cost less than $5.

The first gift was one I gave to my coworkers. It is a collapsable berry colander by Progressive (I have one of these and I love it and use it all the time). 

I printed a note that says "Have a 'Berry' Merry Christmas." I cut it out, added some festive paper and tied it all together with ribbon. The berry colanders only cost $3.99 each at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Another gift idea I made was inspired by Pinterest. I found so many creative ideas on how to make a Magic Santa Key. These will go to all our neighbors with younger kids.

I found my 'Magic Keys' at Rodworks for $2.99 each. They are actually Christmas ornaments but they have a 'magical' look about them. I printed the poem below along with santa clipart on velum, cut out a piece of metallic silver paper to fit behind it, and tied it all together with shimmery white ribbon.

Santa’s Magic Key
It’s the night before Christmas and we’re
excited as can be. We’re leaving this out
for you… it’s a very special key.
You can shimmy down the chimney or
tiptoe through the door. Just use this key
we left for you to find cookies, milk, & more!

Now my neighbors kids will have no doubt in their minds Christmas Eve that Santa will be able to get in.