Sunday, December 4, 2011

Easy Holiday Centerpiece

A centerpiece is a very important part of any holiday table. To make a really easy, really pretty centerpiece for your table you just need a bag of fresh cranberries, a vase, and some fresh flowers. 

I found this bunch of glittered spider mums at Costco.

Fill your vase with cranberries almost to the top.

Then fill the vase with water until the cranberries are covered.

Cut the stems on the flowers so they are about three inches long and remove any leaves.

Stick the flowers in between the cranberries and just keep adding them until it is exactly the way you like it. I liked the glitter on the spider mums because it made the water glittery too (you can't really tell in the pictures). This arrangement lasts for days and looks so pretty. Be prepared for a lot of compliments - everyone loves this arrangement.