Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Love Trader Joe's

First, I just have to say I envy you if you live near a Trader Joe's store. I live in Utah and we don't have a single store because of our State liquor laws. So, I have to plan trips around visiting a Trader Joe's at least once a year. This year we will be passing through Vegas and I have already started my list; jars of marinara sauce and mini artichoke hearts, crackers, peanut butter, saffron, and the list goes on... but I just discovered something from Trader Joe's that I can't wait to get my hands on - TOMATO PASTE! Look, it comes in a tube. That is just brilliant! Most recipes call for one or two tablespoons of tomato paste and you're still left with a tiny can full of tomato paste. Do you throw it away and call it a loss? No. The next recipe will want just a tiny amount, too. I started freezing it in one tablespoon measurements (click here to see what I use to freeze it). But the tube will be so much better. I will be able to use what I need and throw the tube in the fridge until the next time. Oh, I love Trader Joe's. 

3/21/12 Update: I found two different brands of tomato paste in a tube at Whole Foods today. I was so excited! I was sad to read on the package that "after opening refrigerate immediately and use within two weeks". Two weeks isn't very long. But I still plan to stock up at Trader Joe's. 


Diane said...

I love TJ's too! It's been years since I had a chance to visit one, but I also do my best to find one when I'm out of town.

The tomato paste tube is a great find! And in the times you may need one (or something similar), I may recommend trying Amazon. I have a few specialty items that I cannot find in Utah and it comes to the rescue time and time again!!

Kiersten Allred said...

I have never been to one but we are getting one very close to us in a couple of months so I will definitely check it out!

Marisa Jean said...

I was just thinking the other day that I wished they made tomato paste in a container that you didn't have to waste an entire can. And lookey here, they do!