Monday, December 3, 2012

Trader Joe's Has Arrived

My very, very favorite grocery store in the whole wide world finally opened their first store in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was more excited for this grand opening than I was for Black Friday - which is a lot. My Mom and I arrived just in time for the ribbon cutting and then as the crowd (a couple hundred people) went wild we were let inside. It took a long time to reach the door where we received a lei and an awesome welcome from the TJ's staff. The aisles were so congested we couldn't move or see anything but it was so worth it.

Today my Mom, Ella, and I went back so we could buy more. It was still crazy busy and there were a lot of products out-of-stock, but I got a ton of fun TJ products to try. I was so excited that for the first time I could by freezer foods since I couldn't buy them and bring them back to Utah when we were out of town. (The freezer section is one of the biggest since our store doesn't carry alcohol.)

As we were checking out we asked if it was true that our TJ's grand opening broke records, the cashier replied "No, it didn't break it records - it shattered them!"

TJ's will definitely be a weekly trip for us. Our store is amazing.

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Kiersten Allred said...

Love TJs! Definitely have the cookie butter if you haven't yet. I'm slightly addicted to it on eggo waffles :)