Friday, October 19, 2012

A Prius For Everyone

Hum hum hum let's hum, a Prius for everyone. This commercial makes me happy (and makes Ella dance) every time it comes on the television. Call it great marketing, but every time it comes on it makes me want to buy a Toyota Prius and drive it around humming the catchy tune. A Prius would actually be a great little car for me. It gets great gas mileage, it's compact, and it's a little more earth-friendly.

I have always driven a car that fit me perfectly at the time. Fifteen years ago I drove a Geo Tracker. I was care-free, lived on fast food, and liked loud music. Ten years ago I drove a Honda Passport. I was a newlywed and I always had a gym bag and grocery bags in the back. Five years ago I drove a Audi A4. I worked in the corporate world and always had dry cleaning in the back and a latte in the cup holder. Back then I imagined I would be driving my dream BMW by now and still working in the corporate world (and hopefully be a Mom).

Today I am a Mom, I care about the environment, and I am a little less-extravagant (I would rather put money in my daughter's college savings than buy $250 jeans). I could now imagine driving around in my little Prius, humming a happy tune, with a toddler and yoga mat in the back. Now that's a good dream.

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Marisa Jean said...

Funny how everything changes when you become a mom. I could never dream of buying a van (gives me the willies even thinking about it) but getting car seats in and out has definitely made me understand why people change vehicles when they have kids.

I think the newer prius' are a lot cuter than those alien looking ones from the past. I could see you eventually driving something like that, though I'll always see you in your red Honda and Audi.