Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4 Days Of Eating, Shopping, And Fun!

Some of my favorite days of the year are coming and I couldn't be more excited. One of them being Thanksgiving, of course - spending time with family, eating way more than our pants will allow, and reflecting on all the things we are truly thankful for. On Thanksgiving morning while my Mom and I are in the kitchen tripping over a toddler and cooking up side dishes to take to our family gathering, my husband will be at a turkey shoot with my brothers. Then he will head home so we can go to my aunt and uncles house where he will be frying up one of our Thanksgiving turkeys (my aunt is cooking a traditional turkey as well). If you have never had deep-fried turkey, you are missing out. 364 days of the year I would tell you to kill your deep-fryer and bury it in the backyard, but if you are frying a turkey for Thanksgiving, I say go for it. It is the most juicy, delicious turkey with such amazing flavor. 

After dinner, the girls will strategize a Black Friday game plan while the guys lounge around. We will go through the ads, plan who will grab which deals, and where to meet if we all get separated or trampled. We will most likely hit Target at midnight, then the mall, and not stop until we are either too tired to go on or completely out of cash. I love Black Friday! 

A few years ago I learned all about Small Business Saturday. I just love the idea! Each year on the Saturday following Black Friday, you stay out of the big box stores and shop local and support the small businesses in your area. We are planning on eating and shopping at only small local businesses that day. I am also planning on getting half of my Christmas gifts at local boutiques and stores this year.

Then on Sunday we are going to put up our tree, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot chocolate. That gets us in the Christmas spirit early every year.