Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skin Care

Last, but not least, in my 20 Years Younger blog series is skin care. If you are eating healthy and exercising, your skin will show it. But to help keep it looking young and fresh, you need to take extra steps to make it look its best. Bob recommended using a product called Lancer Skin Care, created by a Dermatologist named Dr. Lancer. There are three Lancer products that you should use twice daily - a 'polish', a 'cleanse', and a 'nourish.' The ladies on the Oprah show that had been using the product for two months looked fantastic. Their skin was radiant and had that 'dewy' look most women love. However, the three products cost $200 per month. Which is a little A LOT more than I want to spend.

To get that fresh face and dewy look, I have been using Proactiv. It's cheaper and it works great for my skin. The day I turned thirty my face turned on me. I couldn't just forget to wash my face at night or I would break out horribly. That never happened in my teens or twenties, so why in my thirties? That, I may never know. I just wash my face twice daily and moisturize with my favorite SPF moisturizer. 

Dr. Lancer was on the Oprah show and talked about how you need to take care of your face, neck, and decolletage (upper chest) with the same products. He explained that most people only take care of their face (from the hair line to the chin) and neglect the neck and the exposed part of the upper chest which in time can make their neck look older than their face.

Bob also brought up facials. I love facials. Especially Microdermabrasion facials. It is almost like your dead skin cells are being sand blasted and you walk out of the spa looking fresh and 'dewy'. I also love doing my own Microdermabrasion like-facials at home with the Philosophy Micro-delivery Peel kit. Step 1 is vitamin c/peptide resurfacing crystals that you gently massage into your skin. This step helps resurface the skin, infuses it with vitamin c/peptides, and rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. Step 2 you massage into the skin over Step 1 which creates a white foam on your face. It is a lactic/salicylic acid activating gel that provides a second exfoliation and helps to minimize appearance of pores, lines, and wrinkles. I use this product about once a week and I always love how my skin looks after using it.

So, that is all the steps to looking 20 Years Younger. Well, almost every thing they talked about on the show. I was just really inspired by the things they discussed and since following the plan I have more energy, I feel better, and my skin looks better. I am not always perfect, but I know that I am trying my best. And maybe I'll just look 5 years younger, but hey, that's better than looking 5 years older, right?

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